When it comes to your organizational health, are you doing what it takes to stay strategically strong or are you barely holding on to life?

Take our Strategic Health Quiz to find out how healthy your organization's marketing is + discover the warning signs you shouldn't ignore and our TAG treatment plan to take you from surviving to thriving.

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Critical Communications Condition

Marketing Life Support

Clean Bill of Strategic Health

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Strategic Health Quiz

Diagnosis: You're In Critical Communications Condition

Code red! When it comes to your marketing, there are barely any signs of life. It appears that there is little to no marketing happening at your organization, and you might not know where to begin even if you wanted to. It's time for some marketing triage to save you before it's too late.

You don't have to go at it alone. None of us can be good at everything, and that's why there's a team of experts at The A Group ready to nurse your organization back to health. The good news? Like beginning any health regimen, you're likely to see immediate results and improvement with just a little bit of effort.

Rx: StratLab

Diagnosis: You're On Marketing Life Support

When it comes to your organization's marketing, you're doing just enough to keep it alive. You might know some basic best practices and try some tactics here or there, but other times, it feels like you're barely breathing.

Whether you were healthy in the past and let yourself go or just never invested in yourself, you have a bad case of marketing that's a little messy and all over the place. You need a working knowledge of best practices, fresh energy and a road map to help your marketing become consistent and integrated. Doctor's orders.

Rx: StratLab + Research, Branding & Communications Plan

Diagnosis: Clean Bill Of Strategic Health

Your marketing vital signs are looking good! You maintain your data, market regularly and follow a healthy regimen of strategy, research and ongoing efforts to generate leads and grow your organization. You have a working knowledge of marketing best practices and some basic marketing efforts in place.

However, while there are no major issues, it doesn't mean you're as healthy as you can be. You can still take some preventive measures to stop decline before it begins and optimize your efforts to get you in tip top shape. Some outside perspective, fresh ideas and an integrated approach will help you take your organization to the next level.

Rx: StratLab + Integrated Marketing Plan

Diagnosis: Organizational Health Guru

Ok Richard Simmons! You regularly go on communications cleanses, run marketing marathons and have incredible strategic strength. Your marketing health is optimum, and you're the envy of all your friends with your chiseled ads and bodacious brand.

Our best advice? Ask for a raise. :) However, if you're putting in the efforts you are and NOT seeing results, there might be an underlying issue. Our team of trainers can help you figure out how to maximize your results!